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The American Restoration TV show is a 30 minute reality series on the History Channel about Rick Dale and his crew who restore vintage items to brand new condition. They will take on just about any task including restoring cars, motorcycles, old advertising signs, vending machines, gas pumps, jukeboxes, old toys from people's childhoods, barber chairs, canons, slot machines, penny arcade games and many more.

American Restoration Cast

Rick Dale
Tyler Dale
Kyle Astorga
Ron Dale

American Restoration Opening Narratives:

Through Episode #55

Remember back in the day when things were made by hand, and people took pride in their work?
My name's Rick Dale and I bring these things back to life.
Every restoration has its own set of challenges.
There's no owner's manual for what we do, but there's no job we can't handle.

Starting With Episode #56

Look at a man's workbench.
You see his passions.
His works in progress.
The things that drive him crazy.
Projects that... you get the point.
Anyway, every workbench tells a story.
And this is ours: American Restoration.

American Restoration Trivia

Some of the more unusual items renewed on American Restoration have included an apple corer and peeler from the 1800s, a rocket slide, a Nasa space helmet from the Gemini missions, a hop-a-long Cassidy bicycle and a Hershey's candy dispenser from the 1940s. American Restoration is a "spinoff" of another History Channel reality show titled, "Pawn Stars". Rick Dale appeared in its first season episode titled, "Time Machines" where Rick restored an antique Coke machine. Rick and his crew have appeared on several other episodes after that one and cast members from Pawn Stars have appeared on American Restoration. Both businesses are located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dale's business is simply named, "Rick's Restorations".

Customers are often shocked when Rick gives them a quote on how much it will cost to restore their item. He always explains what will have to be done and how much time each step will likely take to accomplish. Everything typically gets torn down to its individual pieces. Then they remove the rust, old paint, etc. Then if it's made out of metal it typically gets glass-beaded (a more delicate process than sand-blasting). If it's mechanical or electronic in nature, that all gets cleaned, repaired or replaced as necessary. And the list of things necessary goes on and on so it's not hard to understand how the cost could become high. But when Rick and his staff are done, their customers are dumbfounded when they see the results.

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