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The American Gothic TV show was a 60 minute horror series on CBS that took place in the small town of Trinity, South Carolina. The town was run by Sheriff Lucas Buck and everyone did pretty much as he told them to do. The Sheriff had a son, Caleb, who was raised by another family. Caleb did not know that the Sheriff was his father. Then all of a sudden, the Sheriff took interest in his son and for some reason, several of the town's residents felt that Caleb needed to be protected from his father.

American Gothic Cast

Gary Cole .... Sheriff Lucas Buck
Lucas Black .... Caleb Temple
Paige Turco .... Gail Emery
Sarah Paulson .... Merlyn Temple
Jake Weber .... Doctor Matt Crower
Brenda Bakke .... Selena Coombs
John Mese .... Billy Peale
Nick Searcy .... Ben Healy

American Gothic Trivia

Ben Healy was not intended to be a regular character on the series. The producers were so impressed with Nick Searcy's portrayal that they made him a permanent cast member. Gary Cole's first acting experience was in High School where he played the role of "Snoopy" in "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown". He attended Illinois State University along with fellow actor John Malkovich.

Paige Turco and John Mese began dating during the show and eventually got engaged.

American Gothic was nominated for an Emmy in 1996 for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Drama Series". Unfortunately, "The X-Files" won the award.

The show was created by Shaun Cassidy. Shaun was a pop star in Europe prior to developing American Gothic and later starred in the series, "The Hardy Boys".

There were four episodes of American Gothic that were produced but were not broadcast on CBS. Their titles were, "Potato Boy, "Ring Of Fire, "Echo Of Your Last Goodbye, and "Strangler". They did, however, air later on the Sci-Fi Channel.

If you never watched American Gothic, you might still recognize Nick Searcy from his role as head of security "Nathan Ramsey" on the series, "7 Days".

Lucas Black was a Calvin Klein Model. He turned down a role in the film, "The Horse Whisperer (1998)" because the producers wanted him to lose his accent for the role. He played football, basketball and golf in High School.

American Gothic was set in the city of Trinity, South Carolina. It was actually filmed, however, in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Gary Cole and Brenda Bakke thought that Lucas and Selena should be brother and sister, but the idea of siblings involved in a "relationship" was just a little too strange for Shaun Cassidy!

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