American Gladiators

American Gladiators Cast

Series Description

This 2008 version of American Gladiators TV show was a 60 minute physical competition reality TV show on NBC and hosted by former wrestling champion Hulk Hogan.

American Gladiators Cast

Hulk Hogan .... Host
Laila Ali .... Host
Al Kaplon .... Referee
Van Earl Wright .... Announcer
Alex Castro .... Militia
Gina Carano .... Crush
Robin Coleman .... Hellga
Beth Horn .... Venom
Michael O'Hearn .... Titan
Valerie Waugaman .... Siren
Tanoai Reed .... Toa
Justice Smith .... Justice
Hollywood Yates .... Wolf
Monica Carlson .... Jet
Evan Dollard .... Rocket
Jamie Kovac .... Fury
Tanji Johnson .... Stealth
William Romeo .... Mayhem
Matt Morgan .... Beast
Jennifer Widerstrom .... Phoenix

American Gladiators Trivia

Hulk Hogan was born with the name "Terry Gene Bolleamany". That didn't last long however as he has been called by numerous nicknames including "The Hulkster", "Hulkamania", "Hulk", "Terry Boulder", "Hollywood Hogan", "Thunder Lips", "Sterling Golden", and "Mr. America". Besides being the world's most recognized wrestler, Hogan also plays bass guitar in several rock bands who perform in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. In fact, the Hulk spent a decade as a professional guitarist before he ever stepped into a ring! He was a major player in getting the general public to accept pro wrestling as an acceptable form of entertainment. Sports Illustrated magazine even made him the first wrestler to appear on their cover!

A whopping twelve million viewers watched the two hour premiere of American Gladiators!

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