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American Dad is a 30 minute animated comedy series on the FOX Network about a man who works for the CIA and will do whatever is necessary to protect the United States from all terrorist threats but also goofs up regularly. Add to that a German-speaking goldfish, Roger the space alien, and the man's goofy family members and well ... you see!

American Dad Characters


Seth MacFarlane .... Stan Smith / Roger the Alien
Wendy Schaal .... Francine Smith
Scott Grimes .... Steve Smith
Rachael MacFarlane .... Hayley Smith
Dee Bradley Baker .... Klaus the Goldfish
Mike Barker .... Terry Bates
Curtis Armstrong .... Snot
Eddie Kaye Thomas .... Barry
Patrick Stewart .... Avery Bullock
Daisuke Suzuki .... Toshi
Matt McKenna .... Buckle the Mountain Man
Erik Durbin .... Reginald (2007-)
Mike Henry .... Jackson
Kevin Michael Richardson .... Principal Lewis
Jeff Fischer .... Jeff

American Dad Trivia

One of the inspirations American Dad was "All in the Family", the series that led the way in political incorrectness. In a move that most would never expect from an animated series, FOX issued a viewer warning message before broadcasting the second episode, "Threat Levels" because some of the characters appeared nude!

Just as you would expect in real life, the headline of the newspaper that Stan is reading during the opening credits is different for each episode.

Roger the alien's voice is modelled after that of Paul Lynde who you have undoubtedly seen if you've watched more than an episode or two of the 1964-1972 series, "Bewitched". He played the role of lovable and mischievous "Uncle Arthur" on the show and his unique voice simply added to the appeal of his character.

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