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The American Chopper TV show was a 60 minute reality series on the Discovery Channel about the owner of Orange County Choppers, his son and crew who strove to build the finest custom choppers in the world. The interpersonal relationships between the main Cast were also explored, especially the stressed relationship between father and son who often did not see eye to eye.

American Chopper Cast

Paul Teutul Sr.
Paul Teutul Jr.
Michael Teutul
Vincent DiMartino
Rick Petko (2006-2007)
Jason Pohl (2006-2007)
Cody Connelly (2006-2007)
Mike Rowe .... Announcer
Jim Pratt .... Announcer (2009-2010)

American Chopper Trivia

While this series technically ended in February of 2010, the series format was simply changed after Paul Sr. fired his son Paul Jr. The name of the series was changed to "American Chopper: Senior Vs. Junior". The new series became one series with three different angles. Paul Jr. opened his own shop called Paul Jr. Designs and went into competition with his dad for motorcycle build customers. The show featured segments on the builds taking place at Orange County Choppers, those at Paul Jr. designs, and also on the strained relationships between father and son.

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