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Amen Cast

Series Description

The Amen TV show was a comedy series about the Deacon of a church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who had to learn to deal with his new, young assistant Reverend with different ideas about how to run a congregation! To make matters worse, the Deacon's daughter decided that she kind of liked the "rebel" Reverend!

Amen Cast

Sherman Hemsley .... Deacon Ernest Frye
Clifton Davis .... Reverend Reuben Gregory
Anna Maria Horsford .... Thelma Frye
Roz Ryan .... Sister Amelia
Jester Hairston .... Rolly Forbes
Barbara Montgomery .... Sister Casietta Hetebrink (1986-1990)
Rosetta LeNoire .... Leola Forbes (1987-1989)
Tony T. Johnson .... Chris (1988-1990)
Franklyn Seales .... Lorenzo Hollingsworth (1986-1987)
Elsa Raven .... Inga (1988-1990)
Bumper Robinson .... Clarence (1990-1991)

Amen Theme Song

Title: "Shine On Me"

Performed By: "Vanessa Bell Armstrong"

Turn on the lights of Heaven Lord
Shine on me
Turn on the lights of Heaven Lord
Shine on me shine on me

Let all the lights (let all the lights)
Be on the road the road
Helpin' me find my way home

Turn on the lights of Heaven Lord
Shine on me (shine on me)
Shine on me (shine on me)
(Repeats during fadeaway)

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