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The Amazing Race is a 60 minute competitive reality series on CBS about 11 teams of 2 people who race around the world from one unknown destination to another. The last team to arrive at each checkpoint was eliminated (most of the time). They had to perform many tasks of a physical or mental nature before learning their next destination. The first team to arrive at the final destination each season are the winners a cash prize of $1 Million!

Host: Phil Keoghan

The Amazing Race Trivia

Phil Keoghan lived in New Zealand prior to moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in adventure television. He has worked as a camera man, producer, and a host. In addition to "The Amazing Race", he has had an internationally broadcast show titled, "Keoghan's Heroes" which featured well-known personalities experiencing thrilling adventures all over the world.

The First Season Cast

Rob Frisbee And Brennan Swain .... Winners (Best Friends / Lawyers)
Frank And Margarita Mesa .... 2nd Place (Separated Parents)
Joe Baldassare And Bill Bartek .... 3rd Place (Life Partners)
Kevin O'Connor And Drew Feinberg .... 4th Place (Fraternity Brothers)
Nancy And Emily Hoyt .... 5th Place (Mother And Daughter)
Lenny Hudson And Karyn Jefferson .... 6th Place (Dating Couple)
Paul Alessi And Amie Barsky .... 7th Place (Engaged Couple)
David And Margaretta Groark .... 8th Place (Married Couple Married 40 Years)
Patricia Pierce And Brenda Mehta .... 9th Place (Friends and Working Moms)
Kim Smith And Leslie Kellner .... 10th Place (Friends / Single Teachers)
Matt Robar And Ana .... 11th Place (Married Couple)

The Second Season Cast

Alex Boylan And Chris Luca .... Winners (Lifetime Friends)
Wil Steger And Tara Lynch .... 2nd Place (Former Couple)
Blake And Paige Mycoskie .... 3rd Place (Brother and Sister)
Danny Jimenez And Oswald Mendez .... 4th Place (Tie) (Best Friends)
Dave Lepeska And Gary Rosen .... 5th Place (Tie) (Former Roommates)
Peach Krebs And Mary Lenig .... 6th Place (Sisters)
Russell And Cyndi Kalenberg .... 7th Place (Married Pastors)
Doyin And Shola Richards .... 8th Place (Twin Brothers)
Peggy Kuhn And Claire Jinks .... 9th Place (Grandmothers)
Norm And Hope Davis .... 10th Place (Married Parents)
Deidre Washington And Hillary Washington ... 11th Place (Mother And Daughter)

The Third Season Cast

Zach Behr And Flo Pesenti .... Winners
Ian And Teri Pollack .... 2nd Place
Gerard And Ken Duphiney .... 3rd Place
Derek And Drew Riker .... 4th Place
John "Vito" Pietanza And Jill Aquilino .... 5th Place
Damon Wafer And Andre Plummer .... 6th Place
Aaron Goldschmidt And Arianne Udell .... 7th Place
Michael Ilacqua And Kathy Perez .... 8th Place
Eve Madison And Heather Mahar .... 9th Place
Andrew and Dennis Hyde .... 10th Place
Talicia And Tramel Raggs .... 11th Place
Gina Diggins And Sylvia Pitt .... 12th Place

The Fourth Season Cast

Reichen Lehmkuhl And Chip Arndt .... Winners - 1st Place
Kelly Parks And Jon Corso .... 2nd Place
David Dean And Jeff Strand .... 3rd Place
Jon Weiss And Al Rios .... 4th Place
Millie Smith And Chuck Shankles .... 5th Place
Tian Kitchen And Jeree Poteet .... 6th Place
Monica Ambrose And Sheree Buchanan .... 7th Place
Dave Cottingham And Steve Meitz .... 8th Place
Josh And Steve Cottingham .... 9th Place
Russell Brown And Cindy Duck .... 10th Place
Amanda Adams And Chris Garry .... 11th Place

The Fifth Season Cast

Chip And Kim McAllister .... Winners (Married Parents)
Colin Guinn And Christie Woods .... 2nd Place (Dating)
Brandon Davidson And Nicole O'Brian .... 3rd Place (Dating)
Linda Ruiz And Karen Heins .... 4th Place (Best Friends)
Kami And Karli French .... 5th Place (Twins)
Charla Faddoul And Mirna Hindoyan .... 6th Place (Cousins)
Marshall And Lance Hudes .... 7th Place (Brothers)
Bob Barron And Joyce Nicolo .... 8th Place (Internet Dating Couple)
Jim And Marsha McCoy .... 9th Place (Father And Daughter)
Alison Irwin And Donny Patrick .... 10th Place (Dating)
Dennis Frentsos And Erika Shay .... 11th Place (Once Engaged)

The Sixth Season Cast

Freddy Holliday And Kendra Bentley .... Winners (Engaged Models)
Kris Perkins And Jon Buehler .... 2nd Place (Long Distance Daters)
Adam Malis And Rebecca Cardon .... 3rd Place (Former Daters)
Aaron Crumbaugh And Hayden Kristianson .... 4th Place (Dating Actors)
Lori Chestnut Harvey And Bolo Dar'tainain .. 5th Place (Married Pro Wrestlers)
Jonathan Baker And Victoria Fuller .... 6th Place (Married Entrepreneurs)
Gus And Hera McLeod .... 7th Place (Father And Daughter)
Don And Mary Jean St. Claire .... 8th Place (Married Grandparents)
Lena Jensen And Kristy Jensen .... 9th Place (Sisters)
Meredith Tufaro And Maria Sampogna .... 10th Place (Best Friends)
Avi Schneier And Joe Rashbaum .... 11th Place (Friends Since High School)

The Seventh Season Cast

Uchenna And Joyce Agu .... Winners (Married Couple)
Rob Mariano And Amber Brkich .... 2nd Place (Engaged Couple)
Ron Young And Kelly McCorkle .... 3rd Place (Dating)
Meredith And Gretchen Smith .... 4th Place (Married Grandparents)
Lynn Warren And Alex Ali .... 5th Place (Boyfriends)
Brian And Greg Smith .... 6th Place (Brothers)
Ray Housteau And Deana Shane .... 7th Place (On and Off Daters)
Susan And Patrick Vaughn .... 8th Place (Mother and Son)
Debbie Cloyed And Bianca Smith .... 9th Place (Lifelong Friends)
Megan Baker And Heidi Heidel .... 10th Place (Roommates)
Ryan Phillips And Chuck Horton .... 11th Place (Best Friends)

The Eighth Season Cast

The Family Edition

Alex, Megan, Tommy, and Nick Linz .... Winners (Three Brothers and a Sister)
Walter, Elizabeth, Lauren, and Lindsay Bransen . 2nd Place (Father and Daughters)
Linda, Rebecca, Rachel, and Rolly Weaver ... 3rd Place (Widowed Mother, 2 Daughters, 1 Son)
Michelle, Sharon, Christine, and Tricia Godlewski . 4th Place (Sisters)
Tony, Marion, DJ, and Brian Paolo .... 5th Place (Parents and Sons)
Bill, Tammy, Billy, and Carissa Gaghan .... 6th Place (Parents, Son, and Daughter)
Mark, Char, Stassi, and Hunter Schroeder ... 7th Place (Father, Stepmother, Daughter, and Son)
Tony Aiello, Kevin Kempskie, Matt Hanson and David Alverson . 8th Place (Father-in-Law and Son-In Laws)
Denny, Renee, Brittney, and Brock Rogers ... 9th Place (Parents, Daughter, and Son)
Reggie, Kim, Kenneth, and Austin Black .... 10th Place (Parents and Sons)

The Ninth Season Cast

Tyler MacNiven and B.J. Averell .... Winners (Best Friends aka "The Hippies")
Jeremy Ryan and Eric Sanchez .... 2nd Place (Friends aka "The Frat Boys")
Yolonda Brown-Moore and Ray Whitty .... 3rd Place (Dating)
Monica Cayce and Joseph Meadows .... 4th Place (Dating aka "MoJo")
Fran and Barry Lazarus .... 5th Place (Married 40 Years)
Michelle and Lake Garner .... 6th Place (Married Parents)
Lori Willems and David Spiker .... 7th Place (Dating aka "The Nerds")
Danielle Turner and Dani Torchio .... 8th Place (Childhood Friends aka "Double D's" & "The Pinks")
Wanda Lopez-Rochford and Desiree Cifre .... 9th Place (Mother and Daughter)
Lisa Hinds and Joni Glaze .... 10th Place (Sisters)
Scott Braginton-Smith and John Lowe .... 11th Place (Lifelong Friends)

The Tenth Season Cast

Tyler Denk and James Branaman .... Best Friends (Winners)
Rob Diaz and Kimberly Chabolla .... Dating (2nd Place)
Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris .... Best Friends (3rd Place)
Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier .... Best Friends (4th Place)
Erwin and Godwin Cho .... Brothers (5th Place)
David and Mary Conley .... Married Parents (6th Place)
Peter Harsch and Sarah Reinertsen .... Friends (7th Place)
Tom Rock and Terry Cosentino .... Dating (8th Place)
Duke and Lauren Marcoccio .... Father and Daughter (9th Place)
Kellie Patterson and Jamie Hill .... Best Friends (10th Place)
Vipul and Arti Patel .... Married Couple (11th Place)
Bilal Abdul-Mani and Sa'eed Rudolph .... Best friends (12th Place)

The Eleventh Season (All Stars):

Eric Sanchez and Danielle Turner .... (9th Season) (Winners)
Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier .... (10th Season) (2nd Place)
Charla Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan .... (5th Season) (3rd Place)
Danny Jimenez And Oswald Mendez .... (2nd Season) (4th Place)
Uchenna and Joyce Agu .... (7th Season) (5th Place)
Joe Baldassare And Bill Bartek .... (1st Season) (6th Place)
Ian And Teri Pollack .... (3rd Season) (7th Place)
Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich .... (7th Season) (8th Place)
Dave and Mary Conley .... (10th Season) (9th Place)
Kevin O'Connor And Drew Feinberg .... (1st Season) (10th Place)
John "Vito" Pietanza And Jill Aquilino .... (3rd Season) (11th Place)

The Twelfth Season Cast

TK and Rachel .... Newly Dating (Winners)
Ronald and Christina .... Father and Daughter (2nd Place)
Nicolas and Donald .... Grandson and Grandfather (3rd Place)
Nathan and Jennifer .... Dating (4th Place)
Kynt and Vyxsin .... Dating Goths (5th Place)
Azaria and Hendekea .... Brother and Sister (6th Place)
Shana and Jennifer .... Friends (7th Place)
Lorena and Jason .... Dating (8th Place)
Marianna and Julia .... Sisters (9th Place)
Kate and Pat .... Married Ministers (10th Place)
Ari and Staella .... Best Friends (11th Place)

The Thirteenth Season Cast

Nick and Starr .... Brother and Sister (Winners)
Ken and Tina .... Separated (2nd Place)
Andrew and Dan .... Frat Boys (3rd Place)
Toni and Dallas .... Mother and Son (4th Place)
Terence and Sarah .... Newly Dating (5th Place)
Kelly and Christy .... Divorcees (6th Place)
Aja and Ty .... Dating Long Distance (7th Place)
Marisa and Brooke .... Southern Belles (8th Place)
Mark and Bill .... Best Friends (9th Place)
Anthony and Stephanie .... Dating Couple (10th Place)
Anita and Arthur .... Married Beekeepers (11th Place)

The Fourteenth Season Cast

Tammy and Victor .... Sister and Brother (Winners)
Margie and Luke .... Mother and Son (2nd Place)
Cara and Jaime .... Friends (3rd Place)
Lakisha and Jennifer .... Friends (4th Place)
Mark and Michael .... Brothers (5th Place)
Mel and Mike .... Father and Son (6th Place)
Christie and Jodi .... Friends (7th Place)
Amanda and Kris .... Dating Couple (8th Place)
Brad and Victoria .... Married Couple (9th Place)
Linda and Steve .... Married Couple (10th Place)
Jennifer and Preston .... Dating Couple (Last Place)

The Fifteenth Season Cast

Meghan and Cheyne .... Dating Couple (Winners)
Sam and Dan .... Brothers (2nd Place)
Brian and Ericka .... Married Couple (3rd Place)
Herbert and Nathaniel .... Fellow Harlem Globetrotters (4th Place)
Gary and Matt .... Father and Son (5th Place)
Maria and Tiffany .... Friends (6th Place)
Mika and Canaan .... Newly Dating Couple (7th Place)
Lance and Keri .... Engaged Couple (8th Place)
Zev and Justin .... Friends (9th Place)
Marcy and Ron .... Mature Dating Couple (10th Place)
Garrett and Jessica .... On and Off Daters (11th Place)
Eric and Lisa .... Married Couple (Last Place)

The Sixteenth Season Cast

Daniel & Jordan .... Brothers (Winners)
Jet & Cord .... Brothers/Cowboys (2nd Place)
Brent & Caite .... Dating (3rd Place)
Louie & Michael .... Detectives (4th Place)
Carol & Brandy .... Dating (5th Place)
Steve & Allie .... Father/Daughter (6th Place)
Jordan & Jeff .... Newly Dating (7th Place)
Joe & Heidi .... Married (8th Place)
Monique & Shawne .... Mothers/Attorneys (9th Place)
Jody & Shannon .... Grandmother/Granddaughter (10th Place)
Dana & Adrian .... High School Sweethearts (Last Place)

The Seventeenth Season Cast

Nat & Kat .... Engaged Doctors (Winners)
Brook & Claire .... Home Shopping Hosts and Friends (2nd Place)
Jill & Thomas .... Dating Couple (3rd Place)
Nick & Vicki .... Dating Couple (4th Place)
Chad & Stephanie .... Dating Couple (Later Engaged) (5th Place)
Gary & Mallory .... Father and Daughter (6th Place)
Michael & Kevin .... Father and Son (7th Place)
Katie & Rachel .... Beach Volleyball Partners and Friends (8th Place)
Connor & Jonathan .... Ivy League A Cappella Singers and Friends (9th Place)
Andie & Jenna .... Birth Mom and Daughter (10th Place)
Ron & Tony .... Best Friends (Last Place)

The Eighteenth Season Cast

Kisha & Jen .... Sisters (Winners)
Flight Time & Big Easy .... Harlem Globetrotters and Friends (2nd Place)
Gary & Mallory .... Father and Daughter (3rd Place)
Zev & Justin .... Best Friends (4th Place)
Kent & Vyxsin .... Dating Goth Couple (5th Place)
Jet & Cord .... Cowboy Friends (6th Place)
Ron & Christina .... Father and Daughter (7th Place)
Margie & Luke .... Mother and Son (8th Place)
Jaime & Cara .... Former NFL Cheerleaders and Friends (9th Place)
Mel & Mike .... Father and Son (10th Place)
Amanda & Kris .... Engaged Couple (Last Place)

The Nineteenth Season Cast

Ernie & Cindy .... Engaged Couple (Winners)
Jeremy & Sandy .... Dating Couple (2nd Place)
Amani & Marcus .... Married Couple (3rd Place)
Andy & Tommy .... Pro Snowboarders and Friends (4th Place)
Bill & Cathi .... Married Grandparents (5th Place)
Laurence & Zac .... Father and Son Adventurers (6th Place)
Justin & Jennifer .... Brother and Sister (7th Place)
Liz & Marie .... Twin Sisters (8th Place)
Kaylani & Lisa .... Former Vegas Showgirls and Friends (9th Place)
Ethan & Jenna .... Dating Couple (10th Place)
Ron & Bill .... Domestic Partners (Last Place)

The Twentieth Season Cast

Dave & Rachel .... Married Couple (Winners)
Art & J.J. .... Border Patrol Agents / Friends (2nd Place)
Brendon & Rachel .... Engaged Couple (Former Big Brother Contestants) (3rd Place)
Vanessa & Ralph .... Dating Divorcees (4th Place)
Mark & Bopper .... Best Friends (5th Place)
Nary & Jamie .... Federal Agents / Friends (6th Place)
Joey & Danny .... Friends (7th Place)
Kerri & Stacy .... Cousins (8th Place)
Elliott & Andrew .... Twins (Andrew is a pro soccer player) (9th Place)
Dave & Cherie .... Married Clowns (10th Place)
Misa & Maiya .... Sisters (Last Place)

The Twenty-First Season Cast

Josh & Brent .... Goat Farmers and Life Partners (Winners)
Jaymes & James .... Chippendales Performers (2nd Place)
Trey & Lexi .... Dating Couple (3rd Place)
Nadiya & Natalie .... Twin Sisters (4th Place)
Abbie & Ryan .... Dating Divorcees (5th Place)
James & Abba .... Rock and Roll Friends (6th Place)
Rob & Kelley .... Married Monster Truckers (7th Place)
Gary & Will .... Substitute Teachers (8th Place)
Caitlin & Brittany .... Best Friends (9th Place)
Amy & Daniel .... On and Off Daters (10th Place)
Rob & Sheila .... Engaged Lumberjacks (Last Place)

The Twenty-Second Season Cast

Bates & Anthony .... Hockey Brothers (Winners)
Max & Katie .... Newlyweds (2nd Place)
Mona & Beth .... Roller Derby Moms (3rd Place)
Caroline & Jennifer .... Friends/Country Singers (4th Place)
Joey & Meghan .... Friends/YouTube Hosts (5th Place)
Chuck & Wynona .... Married Couple (6th Place)
Pam & Winnie .... Best Friends (7th Place)
David & Connor .... Father/Son Cancer Survivors (8th Place)
Jessica & John .... Dating Couple (9th Place)
Idries & Jamil .... Twin Doctors (10th Place)
Matt & Daniel .... Best Friends/Firefighters (Last Place)

The Twenty-Third Season Cast

Jason & Amy .... Dating Couple (Winners)
Tim & Marie .... Exes (2nd Place)
Nicole & Travis .... Married ER Doctors (3rd Place)
Leo & Jamal .... Cousins (4th Place)
Ally & Ashley .... Ice Crew Girls (5th Place)
Nicky & Kim .... Baseball Wives (6th Place)
Tim & Danny .... Best Friends (7th Place)
Brandon & Adam .... Childhood Friends (8th Place)
Chester & Ephraim .... Former NFL Teammates (9th Place)
Rowan & Shane .... Theater Performers (10th Place)
Hoskote & Naina .... Father/Daughter (Last Place)

The Twenty-Fourth Season Cast

David & Connor .... Father/Son Cancer Survivors (8th Place in Season 22) (Winners This Season)
Caroline & Jennifer .... Friends/Country Singers (4th Place in Season 22) (2nd Place This Season)
Brendon & Rachel .... Engaged (Former Big Brother Contestants) (3rd Place in Season 20) (3rd Place This Season)
Leo & Jamal .... Cousins (4th Place in Season 23) (4th Place This Season)
Jet & Cord .... Brothers/Cowboys (2nd Place in Season 16) (5th Place (Winners))
Flight Time & Big Easy .... Harlem Globetrotters and Friends (4th Place in Season 15 and 2nd Place in Season 18) (6th Place This Season)
Jessica & John .... Dating Couple (Now Engaged) (9th Place in Season 22) (7th Place This Season)
Margie & Luke .... Mother and Son (3rd Place in Season 14 and 8th Place in Season 18) (8th Place This Season)
Joey & Meghan .... Best Friends/YouTube Hosts (5th Place in Season 22) (9th Place This Season)
Mark & Bopper* Mallory .... Best Friends (5th Place in Season 20) (10th Place This Season)
Nadiya & Natalie .... Twin Sisters (4th Place in Season 21) (11th Place This Season)
    *Bopper was not allowed to start the race due to life threatening health issues.
      Mallory raced with her father in the 17th season and came in sixth place

The Twenty-Fifth Season Cast

Amy & Maya .... Food Scientists (Winners)
Adam & Bethany .... Married Surfers (2nd Place)
Misti & Jim .... Married Dentists (3rd Place)
Brooke & Robbie .... Dating Pro Wrestlers (4th Place)
Kym & Alli .... Urban Bike Racers (5th Place)
Tim & Te Jay .... College Sweethearts (6th Place)
Shelley & Nici .... Mother/Daughter (7th Place)
Keith & Whitney .... Engaged (8th Place)
Michael & Scott .... Firefighters (9th Place)
Dennis & Isabelle .... Newly Dating (10th Place)
Lisa & Michelle .... Realtor Sisters (Last Place)

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