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Always Greener was a 60 minute Australian dramatic comedy series on the Seven Network. When John Taylor and his family left the suburbs of Sydney for a Christmas visit to his sister Sandra's farm in New South Wales they discovered that they had an ironically identical but different desire. Sandra's family was having trouble making ends meet financially with farming and John had discovered that his daughter had been corrupted by big city ways and was abusing drugs. They were both in need of a change and they wanted each other's lives so they traded houses. The farmers become city dwellers and vice-versa. The grass may always seem to be greener elsewhere but would it be so for John and Sandra's families?

Always Greener Cast

John Howard .... John Taylor
Anne Tenney .... Liz Taylor
Caitlin McDougall .... Sandra Todd
Michala Banas .... Marissa Taylor
Daniel Bowden .... Jason Taylor
Abe Forsythe .... Campbell Todd
Natasha Lee .... Kimberley Taylor
Scott Major .... Tom Morgan
Bree Walters .... Philippa "Pip" Todd
Clayton Watson .... Mickey Steele
Grant Bowler .... Greg Steele
Georgie Shaw .... Katy Turnbull
Denise Roberts .... Isabelle Turnbull
Andrew Clarke .... Derek Unn
Bree Desborough .... Shelley Southall
Merridy Eastman .... Eileen "Atilla The Unn" Unn

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