Alphas Cast

Series Description

The Alphas TV show is a 60 minute science fiction series on Syfy about mutants called Alphas who are recruited by a U.S. Department of Defense agency called the "Defense Criminal Investigative Service". The government needs them in order to stop crimes being committed by other Alphas that work for an evil group called "Red Flag".

Alphas Cast

David Strathairn .... Dr. Lee Rosen
Warren Christie .... Cameron Hicks
Laura Mennell .... Nina Theroux
Malik Yoba .... Bill Harken
Ryan Cartwright .... Gary Bell
Azita Ghanizada .... Rachel Pirzad

Alphas Trivia

The first eight episodes of Alphas were broadcast weekly and then there was no episode on September 5, 2011. That would have been the ninth weekly episode. After initial reports that the series had been cancelled, on September 7th it was announced that Alphas had been renewed for a second season and thirteen more episode. Fans felt even better when on the 12th of September another first season episode appeared followed by two more.

Dr. Vanessa Calder appeared in episode #5, "Never Let Me Go". That character played by actress Lindsay Wagner ("The Bionic Woman") also appeared on the series, "Warehouse 13". That appearance revealed that Alphas exists in the same universe with Warehouse 13 and "Eureka".

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