All About the Andersons

All About the Andersons Cast

Series Description

All About the Andersons was a 30 minute family comedy series on the WB Network (now the CW Network). It was about an aspiring actor named Anthony who wasn't earning enough money to give his son a decent life so he moved in with his parents. His mother was happy to support her son in his dream of stardom but his father thought he was a dreamer who should give up his dream and come to work in the family's barber shop. On top of all that, Anthony's old room was being rented to a medical student so he had to live in the garage.

All About the Andersons Cast

Anthony Anderson .... Anthony Anderson
John Amos .... Joe Anderson
Damani Roberts .... Tuga Anderson
Roz Ryan .... Flo Anderson
Aimee Garcia .... Lydia Serrano

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