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Aliens in America Cast

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Aliens in America was a 30 minute comedy series on the CW Network about a Muslim foreign-exchange high school student who left his home in Pakistan to live with an American Christian family in Wisconsin.

Aliens in America Cast

Adhir Kalyan .... Raja Musharaff
Dan Byrd .... Justin Tolchuk
Scott Patterson .... Gary Tolchuk
Amy Pietz .... Franny Tolchuk
Lindsey Shaw .... Claire Tolchuk
Christopher B. Duncan .... Mr. Matthews

Aliens in America Trivia

The High School seen on Aliens in America was the real-life "H.J. Cambie Secondary School" located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. If you didn't watch Aliens in America you may still know Amy Pietz from her role as Annie Spadaro on the series, "Caroline in the City".

Adhir Kalyan wasn't out of work long after Aliens in America was canceled. He soon joined the cast of "Rules of Engagement"!

The Tolchuks agreed to take on a foreign exchange student partially in order to help their son Justin become more popular at school. Justin was a nerdy, skinny, overly sensitive sixteen year old and his parents felt that a cool "brother" from France or Sweden or some other romantic place might help Justin's image. They never expected a Muslim boy from Pakistan to show up at their door. After all ... how many American teenagers have any idea what Islam is about or what life is like in Pakistan? Part of the attraction of the series was seeing how Raja became accepted by the Tolchuks as a welcome part of their family despite their religious and cultural differences!

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