Agony Cast

Series Description

The Agony TV show was a 30 minute British comedy series that aired on ITV. It was about a Jewish agony aunt (known to Americans as an advice columnist) with her own radio show in London, England. Unfortunately, Jane Lucas could have used some advice herself in dealing with a meddling mother, her undependable psychiatrist husband and her self-serving co-workers.

Agony Cast

Maureen Lipman .... Jane Lucas
Simon Williams .... Laurence Lucas
Maria Charles .... Bea Fisher
Diana Weston .... Val Dunn
Peter Denyer .... Michael
Peter Blake .... Andy Evol
Jeremy Bulloch .... Rob Illingworth
Jan Holden .... Diana
Robert Austin .... Junior Truscombe (1980-1981)
Bill Nighy .... Vincent Fish (1980-1981)
Mona Bruce .... Bessie Basham (1979)
Robert Gillespie .... Mr. Mince (1979)
Josephine Welcome .... Indira Patel (1980)

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