The Agency

The Agency Cast

Series Description

The Agency TV show was a drama series about the inner-workings of the CIA. It showed how the agency decided which cases to pursue, how agents were assigned to particular tasks, and how evidence was gathered.

The Agency Cast

Beau Bridges .... Tom Gage (Starting with episode 14)
Rocky Carroll .... Carl Reese
Will Patton .... Jackson Haisley
Daniel Benzali .... Robert Quinn (Starting with episode 14)
Paige Turco .... Terri Lowell
David Clennon .... Joshua Nankin
Natalie Marston .... Diane Haisley
Camryn Walling .... Brock Haisley
Gil Bellows .... Matt Calhoun (Season 1)
Gloria Reuben .... Lisa Fabrizzi (Season 1)
Jason O'Mara .... A.B. Stiles (Season 2)
Richard Speight Jr. .... Lex (Season 2)
Ronny Cox .... Alex Pierce III (Episodes 1-10)

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