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AfterMASH Cast

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AfterMASH was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS that was a spin-off of the acclaimed Korean War spoof comedy series, "M*A*S*H". The war is now over. Colonel Potter, Sergeant Klinger, and Father Mulcahy have returned to the U.S. and find themselves working together in a veteran's hospital in Missouri.

AfterMASH Cast

Harry Morgan .... Doctor Sherman T. Potter
Jamie Farr .... Maxwell Q. Klinger
William Christopher .... Father Francis Mulcahy
Jay O. Sanders .... Doctor Gene Pfeiffer
Patrick Cranshaw .... Bob Scannell
Lois Foraker .... Nurse Coleman
Shirley Lang .... Nurse Crown
John Chappell .... Michael D'Angelo
Rosalind Chao .... Soon-Lee Klinger
Anne Pitoniak .... Mildred Potter
Joan Sweeny .... Nurse Parker (1984)
Wendy Girard .... Lenore Dudziak (1984)
David Ackroyd .... Doctor Boyer (1984)
Sunshine Parker .... Sunshine (1984)
Carolsue Walker .... Sarah (1984)
Brandis Kemp .... Alma Cox
Susan Luck .... Nurse Weber
Wendy Schaal .... Bonnie Hornbeck
Peter Michael Goetz .... Wally Wainright

AfterMASH Trivia

The AfterMASH TV series was nominated for an Emmy in 1984 for Larry Gelbart's directing of the episode, "Fall Out". The category of the nomination was, "Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series". Unfortunately for Larry, Bill Persky won the Emmy for the episode, "A Very Loud Family" of the series, "Kate & Allie". AfterMASH was canceled after taking one of televisions steepest dive in ratings! The series was a very respectable #15 in the Nielsen Ratings during its first season. Then, shortly after the beginning of the second season, it dropped to a pitiful #90!

One of the many reasons for AfterMASH's demise was its time slot being moved. In the first season, it appeared after the popular series, "The Scarecrow and Mrs. King" and another hot comedy, "Newhart" came on after AfterMASH. In the second season, AfterMASH opened up the primetime on CBS, forcing it to pull an audience on its own. It also had some fierce competition on NBC from the extremely popular series, "The A-Team".

After the first relatively successful season, there were plans to bring some of the old M*A*S*H actors including Alan Alda on as guest stars in order to take the AfterMASH series to the top of the ratings. Of course, those plans were forgotten when the series dropped off the ratings radar.

Gary Burghoff (Radar) and Edward Winter (Colonel Flagg) were the only two characters from M*A*S*H that actually did guest star on AfterMASH, however, there was one character that were referred to on M*A*S*H but never seen that did appear on AfterMASH. She was Colonel Potter's wife, "Mildred". Another character who was a guest star on M*A*S*H became a regular on AfterMASH. She was Klinger's wife, "Soon-Lee".

Gary Burghoff made a pilot for another M*A*S*H spin-off titled, "W*A*L*T*E*R" and the pilot was broadcast on July 17, 1984. Unfortunately, the series was not picked up.

There was one episode of AfterMASH that was produced but was not broadcast. It's title was, "Wet Feet".

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