A for Andromeda

A for Andromeda Cast

Series Description

A for Andromeda was a 45 minute British sci-fi series on the BBC that was presented in a serial format. Each episode took off where the previous one had ended. It was about scientist who receive radio instructions from outer space on how to build a far-advanced computer. Once the computer is completed it instructed the scientists on how to create a living being called Andromeda. Most of the scientists felt that Andromeda would be an asset to humanity but one suspected that the opposite might be true!

A for Andromeda Cast

Peter Halliday .... Dr. John Fleming
Julie Christie .... Christine/Andromeda
Mary Morris .... Professor Madeleine Dawnay
Patricia Kneale .... Judy Adamson
Esmond Knight .... Professor Reinhart
Frank Windsor .... Dennis Bridger
Geoffrey Lewis .... Dr. Geers
Jack May .... Major Quadring
Noel Johnson .... J.M. Osborne
John Hollis .... Kaufman

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