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Series Description

The The Affair TV show is a 60 minute drama series that premiered on Showtime on October 14, 2014. It is about a teacher/novelist who while happily married, resents the fact that he and his wife depend on financial assistance from his wealthy father-in-law. His ego is damaged but it gets a boost when he enters into an adulterous affair with a young waitress whose marriage and life in general is on the rocks.

The Affair Cast

Dominic West .... Noah
Ruth Wilson .... Alison
Joshua Jackson .... Cole
Maura Tierney .... Helen

The Affair Trivia

For those fans who recognize her but can't quite place her, Maura Tierney starred on 189 episodes of the series "ER" and on 97 episodes of "NewsRadio" among many other roles. Maura was cast to appear on ER without having to audition and she was cast on NewsRadio just one day before filming began on the pilot!

Dominic West is best known to TV watchers for his 60 episodes on "The Wire".

Joshua Jackson didn't get much of a vacation from acting. His starring role on 100 episodes of "Fringe" ended in 2013 and his new role on The Affair began the following year!

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