Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok

The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Cast

Series Description

The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok was a western action series about a U.S. Marshall and his 300 pound sidekick who brought bad guys to justice in the old west.

Wild Bill Hickok Cast

Guy Madison .... James Butler Hickok
Andy Devine .... Jingles B. Jones

Wild Bill Hickok Trivia

There was also a Wild Bill Hickok Radio Series that ran for 271 episodes from April of 1951 through December of 1954!

The TV series was nominated for "Best Western or Adventure Series" in 1955.

Wild Bill Hickok's sidekick, Jingles, would always introduce him as "The bravest, strongest, fightingest U.S. Marshall in the whole west!

Wild Bill Hickok was filmed in black & white for the first 4 seasons and switched to color for the final 4 seasons.

There was a real-life Wild Bill Hickok. He was the Marshall of Abilene, Kansas. He also had worked as a Union scout during the civil war, an indian scout for Colonel Custer and even as a pony express rider!

Jingles' horse was named "Joker" and "Buckshot" was ridden by Wild Bill Hickok.

Wild Bill Hickok Opening Narrative

(Andy Devine's voice as Jingles:)

Andy Devine: "WILD ... BILL ... HICKOK!!!"
Narrator: "Starring Guy Madison as Wild Bill Hickok"
Andy Devine: "Hey, Wild Bill ... wait for me!"
Narrator: "And Andy Divine as his pal, Jingles"

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