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The Adventures of Jim Bowie TV show was a 30 minute western action series on ABC based on real-life character named Jim Bowie. Jim was a wealthy land owner living in the Louisiana Territory around 1830.

Adventures of Jim Bowie Cast

Scott Forbes .... Jim Bowie
Robert Cornthwaite .... John James Audubon
Peter Hanson .... Rezin Bowie
Minerva Urecal .... Maw Bowie

Adventures of Jim Bowie Trivia

Each week, Jim Bowie would become involved in a different adventure often including other well-known figures such as Johnny Appleseed, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson and even the pirate, Jean Lafitte. The series was based on the book, "Tempered Blade", written by Monty Barrett.

Michael Landon of "Bonanza (1959)", Little House on the Prarie (1974)" and Highway to Heaven (1984)", got his first credited role on this series in episode #4, "Deputy Sheriff"! He also reappeared on episode #15, "The Swordsman".

On the series, it is explained that Jim Bowie developed his famous and huge "Bowie Knife" after he nearly died in an encounter with a grizzly bear when his "less substantial" knife broke.

Theme Song

Title: "Jim Bowie"

Written by: "Ken Darby"

Performed by: "The King's Men"

NOTE: These lyrics were for the closing theme. The opening theme was exactly the same but without the first six lines.

Adventurin' man, Adventurin' man.

Jim Bowie! Jim Bowie!

He roamed the wilderness unafraid
From Natchez to Rio Grande!
With all the might of his gleaming blade
He fought for the rights of man!

(NOTE: Opening theme began here)

Jim Bowie! Jim Bowie!
He was a bold adventurin' man!

Jim Bowie! Jim Bowie!
Battled for right with a powerful hand!

His blade was tempered and so was he!
Indestructable steel was he!

Jim Bowie! Jim Bowie!
He was a fighter, a fearless and mighty adventurin' man!

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