Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Cast

Series Description

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. was a 60 minute action series on the FOX Network about a lawyer/bounty hunter and his quest to capture the John Bly gang who killed his father. The TV show takes place in 1893 but Bly turned out to be from the future and was in the past to find the "Mysterious Orbs". The mixture of the "not so" old West and futuristic gadgets from the future made Brisco County Jr. a very unique TV show. How many other westerns have included themes such as time travel, ufos and even Ninjas? Oh yes, let's not forget the seemingly unending number of lovely ladies that come Brisco County Jr.'s way!

Brisco County Jr. Cast

Bruce Campbell .... Brisco County Jr.
Christian Clemenson .... Socrates Poole
Billy Drago .... John Bly
Julius Carry .... Lord Bowler
Jeff Phillips .... Whip Morgan
Kelly Rutherford .... Dixie Cousins
John Pyper-Ferguson .... Pete Hutter
John Astin .... Professor Albert Wickwire
James Greene .... Cartwright
Peter Dennis .... Reginald
Ashby Adams .... Ginger Breakstone
Richard Herd .... President Grover Cleveland
James Hong .... Lee Pow
Gary Hudson .... Sheriff Aaron Viva
Yvette Nipar .... Ellie
Dan Gerrity .... Jonah Collier

Brisco County Jr. Trivia

Bruce Campbell has often been referred to as the best "reverse actor" of all time. Acting in reverse is used for special effects. For example; if you want it to look like an actor jumped from the ground to the top of a four-story building, the actor would run backwards on the roof and jump off the building backwards (hopefully onto an air-filled cushion). Then when the film is run backwards, it looks as if he jumped up to the top of the building and ran onto the roof. Many other effects can be done in the same manner.

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