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Series Description

Adam's Rib was a 30 minute romantic comedy series on ABC about a young couple who rarely agreed on anything! The husband worked as an assistant District Attorney and his wife as a junior partner for a law firm where she often defended the very people that her husband was trying to lock away! And the fights didn't stop after leaving the courtroom either! They managed to find plenty to disagree about at home too! Of course, like most romantic comedies, they did love each other despite their totally different attitudes.

Adam's Rib Cast

Ken Howard .... Adam Bonner
Blythe Danner .... Amanda Bonner
Dena Dietrich .... Gracie
Ron Rifkin .... Assistant D.A. Roy Mendelsohn
Edward Winter .... Kip Kipple
Norman Bartold .... District Attorney Donahue

Adam's Rib Trivia

Adam's Rib was based on the classic movie with the same title that starred Katerine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

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