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The Action TV series was a 30 minute comedy on the FOX Network and FX about a movie studio executive whose career is in dire straits after his last film which cost $150 million to produce is a total loser at the box office. The only way he figured he could save his career is to make a movie that's guaranteed to do well, but most of the people he would need to work with are either scared to associate their name with his or they want to know what's in it for them! If sexual themes, political incorrectness, and foul language bother you ... beware!

Action Cast

Jay Mohr .... Peter Dragon (1999-2000)
Buddy Hackett .... Uncle Lonnie (1999-2000)
Illeana Douglas .... Wendy Ward (1999-2000)
Jack Plotnick .... Stuart Glazer (1999-2000)
Jarrad Paul .... Adam Rafkin (1999-2000)
Lee Arenberg .... Bobby G. (1999-2000)
Fab Filippo .... Holden Van Dorn (1999-2000)
R. Lee Ermey .... Titus Scroad (1999-2000)
Erin Daniels .... Jenny (1999-2000)
Cindy Ambuehl .... Jane (1999-2000)
Edouard Saad .... Momo Shabong (1999)
Jennifer Lyons .... Reagan Lauren Busch (1999)
John Vargas .... Asher (1999)
Robert Leon Casey .... Le Prix Bartender (1999)
Amy Aquino .... Connie Hunt (1999-2000)
Sara Paxton .... Georgia Dragon (1999)
Richard Burgi .... Cole Ricardi (1999)
Keith Diamond .... Dick Marcellus (1999)
Kara Zediker .... Missy Scroad (2000)

Action TV Series Trivia

Peter Dragon worked as an executive at Dragonfire Films Studios.

The first eight episodes of the Action TV series aired on the FOX Network. The remaining five aired on FX.

The name of the movie that bombed, putting Peter Dragon's name on the edge of ruin was "Slow Torture".

The movie that Peter wanted to make to put him back on top was a western titled, "Beverly Hills Gun Club".

Actually, FOX was only offered the Action TV series as a way to convince HBO to pay more for the series.

The Action TV show was pitched to HBO with actor Oliver Platt ("Deadline") to portray the role of Peter Dragon.

In episode #8, "Lights, Camera, Action", Peter Dragon has a heart attack and dies. His time of death was said to be "Thursday at 9:30 PM" which is the day and time the episode came on the air! Of course, Peter recovered miraculously in the next episode!

The promos for the very last episode of the Action TV series started out saying that it was the "season finale" but soon changed to "series finale".

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