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The Absolutely Fabulous TV show was a 30 minute British comedy series about a "way out there" mother and her best friend who did drugs and generally acted like flower children from the 1960s. That and their selfishness nearly drive the mother's conservative daughter insane. The "insensitive" humor in this series may bother some but it made the show a hit in the UK.

Absolutely Fabulous Cast

Jennifer Saunders .... Edina Monsoon
Joanna Lumley .... Patsy Stone
June Whitfield .... June Monsoon
Julia Sawalha .... Saffron Monsoon
Jane Horrocks .... Bubble
Christopher Malcolm .... Justin
Christopher Ryan .... Marshall

Absolutely Fabulous Trivia

U.S. audiences who may not know Julia Sawalha from her performances on Absolutely Fabulous may recognize her from her role as "Lydia Bennet" on the "Pride and Prejudice miniseries". A sketch on the French and Saunders TV show on the episode titled, "Modern Mother and Daughter" was the inspiration for the Absolutely Fabulous TV show.

In episode #9, "Morocco", Patsy got a sex change operation. She should have gotten a better surgeon because within a year her "new equipment" fell off!

Saffron was Justin's daughter and Serge was Marshall's son. Serge was never actually seen on Absolutely Fabulous.

Roseanne Barr ("Roseanne") bought the production rights to adapt a new series for U.S. viewers based on the Absolutely Fabulous TV show, but it went nowhere. It's probably just as well. Very few of the many great British series have successfully been Americanized. FOX apparently agreed with that statement. In early 2009 they nearly went forward with the production of an American pilot starring Kathryn Hahn ("Crossing Jordan") and Kristen Johnston ("3rd Rock from the Sun"). Kristen stated that the contracts were "pretty much locked-up" but shortly thereafter FOX killed the deal!

Absolutely Fabulous was so popular in the United States that the "60 minutes TV show" devoted a portion of their May 21, 1995 episode to it.

The Absolutely Fabulous TV show won two British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTA) and was nominated for five others! Absolutely Fabulous also won on British Comedy Award and was nominated for four others. In 1994 it even won an international Emmy for episode #7, "Hospital" although the series, "Red Dwarf" tied for first that year. There were a couple more wins and one nomination from others organizations too!

In episode #6, "Birthday", Edina's two ex-husbands discovered that they were both forking over alimony and stopped paying her.

Theme Song

Title: "Absolutely Fabulous"

Written By: "Bob Dylan and Rick Danko"

Wheels on fire,
Rolling down the road.
Best notify my next of kin,
This wheel shall explode.

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