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Aaahh Real Monsters Cast

Series Description

Aaahh Real Monsters was an animated kids TV show about 3 child monsters who were learning how to scare people and were often not very successful.

Aaahh Real Monsters Characters


Charles Adler .... Ickis
Christine Cavanaugh .... Oblina
David Eccles .... Krumm / The Snorch
Gregg Berger .... The Gromble / The Viewfinder
Beverly Archer .... The Library Monster
James Belushi .... Simon the Monster Hunter
Shelley Duvall .... Ocra
Xander Berkeley .... Urbab / Snav
Tim Curry .... Zimbo
Dorian Harewood .... Kriggle
Liz Georges .... Sandy Candy
Henry Gibson .... Mayor Lindt
Brock Peters .... The Snorch
Sharon Mack .... Horrifica
Keythe Farley .... Blib
Cynthia Mann .... Dizzle
Lisa Raggio .... Exposia Vertov
Marcia Strassman .... Hairyette
Billy Vera .... Slickis
Edward Winter .... Doctor Buzz Kutt
Sheryl Bernstein .... Miscellaneous
S. Scott Bullock .... Miscellaneous
Marsha Clark .... Miscellaneous
Noelle North .... Miscellaneous

Aaahh Real Monsters Trivia

There was a possibility that an Aaahh Real Monsters Movie would be produced in the late 1990s due to the success of the 1998 Rugrats Movie also produced by the Klasky-Csupo production company. Unfortunately the idea was dropped for some reason.

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