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Y: The Last Man is a post-apocalyptic series that premiered on Hulu on September 13, 2021. It's about an Earth where a pandemic causes every mammal with a Y chromosome to die except for one man named Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand. Of course you can imagine what happened when all of the other men on Earth died at the same time with no notice! Men often work as airline pilots after all! They drive on the freeway! They operate heavy equipment, power plants and other infrastructure! So anyway, the ladies are left to restore a broken world to its former glory without half of the population! And why were Yorick and Ampersand the only males to survive?

Y: The Last Man Cast

Diane Lane as Jennifer Brown

Ashley Romans as Sarah Burgin

Ben Schnetzer as Yorick Brown

Olivia Thirlby as Hero Brown

Juliana Canfield as Beth DeVille

Elliot Fletcher as Sam Jordan

Marin Ireland as Nora Brady

Amber Tamblyn as Kimberly Cunningham

Diana Bang as Dr. Allison Mann

Y: The Last Man Trivia

This show is based on a series of comic books that ran from 2002-2008.

Unfortunately Hulu cancelled the show due to budgetary problems mostly caused by our real-to-life Covid-19 pandemic!

Hopefully Y: The Last Man will return sometime in the future as producers believe in the show and said they will agressively seek a new home for additional seasons.

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