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Series Description

Veep is a 30 minute political satire comedy series on HBO about an abrasive female Senator who often finds it difficult to deal with her new job as Vice President of the United States.

Veep Cast

Julia Louis-Dreyfus .... Selina Meyer

Anna Chlumsky .... Amy Brookheimer

Tony Hale .... Gary Walsh

Reid Scott .... Dan Egan

Timothy Simons .... Jonah Ryan

Matt Walsh .... Mike McLintock

Sufe Bradshaw .... Sue Wilson

Veep Trivia

We all assume that successful TV and movie actors and actresses are rich but most are not in the same ball park with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Her father "Gerard Louis-Dreyfus" is a French billionaire!

While Selina Meyer often mentions her boss ... the President, he has never been seen or mentioned by name, at least as of this writing through the second season.

Veep may be a comedy series but series creator Armando Iannucci wanted to make Veep as realisticly funny as possible. He did a huge amount of reading about American history as it pertains to politics in preparation for the show. In order to get the perspective of an American vice-President with aspirations to become President, Armando read "The Years of Lyndon Johnson" by author "Robert A. Caro".

Julia Louis-Dreyfus appeared on three seasons of "Saturday Night Live" from 1982-1985. Her husband, "Brad Hall" appeared on the series for Julia's first two seasons. They are the only husband and wife team to every appear together on the series.

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