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Temptation Island Cast

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Temptation Island is a reality series that premiered on Fox on January 10, 2001 and aired for 28 episodes over 3 seasons. Then it was rebooted on the USA Network on January 15, 2019. Couples come to a tropical paradise to test their commitments to each other. The men and women are separated and sent to live with a group of single people of the opposite sex whose purpose is to entice their affections away from their partners.

Temptation Island Cast

Mark Walberg as host of both the 2001 and 2019 series!

Temptation Island Trivia

This series was inspired by the Dutch series titled, "Blind Vertrouwen" (translated as "Blind Faith").

Other versions of the show have aired and/or are airing in more than 20 other countries!

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