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Inside the Actors Studio is a 60 documentary series on Bravo where host James Lipton sits down with well known actors to talk about their lives, experiences and careers. A few special episodes were broadcast for 120 minutes.

Inside the Actors Studio Cast

James Lipton .... Host

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This series started out as a craft seminar that was televised mainly for the students at the ActorsStudio Drama School.

Inside the Actors Studio is seen in 89 million households in 125 nations.

The series was first shot in Greenwich Village in New York City at the New School University's Tishman Auditorium. In May of 2005 taping moved to its present location at the New York campus of the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts when the show's contract with New School University was terminated.

Inside the Actors Studio's interviews take place at a much slower pace than do most celebrity interviews. This is intended to get the guests to get out of their typical celebrity mode and become more like teachers and artists. Several hours of conversation are often consolidated into a one or two hour broadcast.

Note below that in the fifteenth season Jame Lipton appeared on one episode as the guest! That episode was hosted by comedian Dave Chappelle, best known for his series, "Chappelle's Show".

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