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Series Description

Cake Boss is a 30 minute reality series on The Learning Channel (TLC) about bakers extraordinaire led by Buddy Valastro at his bakery called "Carlo's Bakery" in Hoboken, New Jersey. Their cakes are so elaborate that they typically have to be transported to the party, wedding, birthday or other event by truck or van. Every detail of the cakes is given the attention that you would expect from a fine artist.

Cake Boss Cast

Bartolo 'Buddy' Valastro (Cake Boss)

Frankie Amato Jr.

Mauro Castano

Danny Dragone

Joey Faugno

Anthony Bellifemine

Mary Sciarrone

Grace Faugno

Maddalena Castano (2009-2012)

Ralph 'Ralphie Boy' Attanasia III (2010-2013)

Remigio 'Remy' Gonzalez (2009-2010)

Lisa Valastro (2009-2012)

Mary Valastro (2009-2012)

Lisa Gonzalez

Cake Boss Trivia

Three spin-offs have aired due to the success of Cake Boss. Their titles are: "Next Great Baker", "Kitchen Boss" and "Bakery Boss" which first appeared as a special on May 27, 2013.

TLC nearly had to change the name of the series due to a law suit by Masters Software, Inc. of Cedar Park, Texas. They have owned "" since 2006 and they also began selling bakery management software named "CakeBoss" in 2007. There was an undisclosed settlement agreement in October of 2010 which allowed the series to keep its title.

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