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Breaking Amish is a 60 minute reality series on The Learning Channel (TLC) about young adults who leave their Amish (and Mennonite) communities to try out life among the rest of us who they refer to as "The English". The first season took place in New York City and the second in Los Angeles. Their former lives were closely monitored and they were expected to lead a pure, godly type life. Now they find themselves wearing modern clothes, partying in nightclubs, drinking alcohol and being tempted by their physical attraction to the opposite sex (and often giving in to that attraction). If they decide to remain English, they will face challenges including earning an income with a minimal education and adapting to the English way of life. If they decide to return to their homes they will pay a big price for the indiscretions they did during their lives among the English.

Breaking Amish Cast

Season 1:

Abe Schmucker
Jeremiah Raber
Kate Stoltzfus
Rebecca Byler
Sabrina High

Season 2:

Iva Troyer
Betsy Yoder
Devon Miller
Lizzie Stoltzfus
Sam Stoltzfus
Matt Bristol
Andrew Schmucker

Breaking Amish Trivia

Soon after the first episode of Breaking Amish aired several news organizations began reporting that the cast members had not all been the pure, innocent Amish kids that the show led you to believe they were before leaving their communities. Jeremiah had been booted out of his community three times for unacceptable behavior and had lived as English during those times. Kate had previously left on a trip to Florida where she got arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Abe and Rebecca had previously been married to other people and they admitted that they often dressed as English to go into town and go bowling. It was also discovered that Rebecca had a daughter and both of them had lived outside their communities in different states for a while.

In the final episode of season one, the cast talked about how it is not unusual for Amish teens and young adults to sneak out of their communities to dress and act English as a way to explain their previously mentioned behavior. Some Amish leaders have responded to this by saying that while many Amish kids do "test the English waters" from time to time, most of them do not get drunk and engage in pre-marital sex.

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