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Amish Mafia is a 60 minute reality series on the Discovery Channel about a group of Amish men who enforce the law and the Amish way of life in their community located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Nearly all law enforcement sources and critics agree that the series is totally fictional (see trivia below).

Amish Mafia Cast

Lebanon Levi

Esther Freeman Schmucker

John Freeman Schmucker

Alvin Stoltzfus Lantz

Alan Beiler

Jolin Zimmerman



Freeman Schmucker

Crazy Dave

Big Steve

Amish Mafia Trivia

Since it's known that many of the scenes on Amish Mafia are staged and it's never pointed out which ones are staged and which ones are not, it's likely that the authenticity of the entire series is questionable.

Nearly without exception, Amish leaders and scholars agree that Amish Mafia is pure fiction and does not represent the true Amish way of life.

A former Lancaster County prosecuter has stated that he is not aware of the existence of any Amish Mafia and if the crimes shown on the series actually occurred, it's highly unlikely that at least some of them would have been reported and prosecuted.

On one episode it's stated that Lebanon Levi was arrested by the Lancaster County Police Department when in actuality, there is no such law enforcement agency by that name.

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