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The 7 Days TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on UPN (now the CW Network) about a secret government project that develops a time machine which can take one man back in time up to 7 days. The episodes all centered around some catastrophe such as a nuclear explosion, a biological warfare attack, or the President getting assassinated. Then they would send Frank Parker back in time to stop the catastrophe from taking place.

7 Days Cast

Jonathan LaPaglia .... Lieutenant Frank Parker
Justina Vail .... Dr. Olga Vukavitch
Norman Lloyd .... Dr. Isaac Mentnor
Don Franklin .... Captain Craig Donovan
Nick Searcy .... Nathan "Nate" Ramsey
Alan Scarfe .... Dr. Bradley Talmadge
Sam Whipple .... Dr. John Ballard

7 Days Trivia:

Believe it or not, Jonathan LaPaglia graduated from the University of Adelaide, Austrailia with a medical degree! He worked as an Emergency Room doctor there for three years and also in Sydney, and London. Ironically, he even tried out for a role (unsuccessfully) on the 1994, "ER TV show". His first big acting job was as "Detective Tommy McNamara" on the series, "New York Undercover". After that came 7 Days. As soon as 7 Days ended, he landed a regular role on, "The District" as "Detective Kevin Debreno". Anthony LaPaglia (who plays "Jack Malone" on "Without A Trace") is Jonathan's brother.

According to what was said on the series, the fuel that the sphere used to go back 7 Days in time was "Element 115". It had not been "discovered" at the time that 7 Days TV show was on the air. During July and August of 2003, U.S. and Russian scientists produced the first four atoms of Element 115 otherwise known as "Ununpentium". The atoms were produced by fusing calcium nuclei with americium nuclei. Bob Lazar, who claims to be a physicist, has stated that Ununpentium is what alien spacecraft use to produce ant-gravity drives. Lazar says that he learned this while reverse engineering captured alien spacecraft at "Sector Four", a top secret military installation 15 miles from Area 51. Unfortunately, no proof of his employment or records of the degrees he claims to hold from the "California Institute of Technology" and the "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" can be found. Lazar, of course, says that they government has "erased" his identity to cover-up what they know. Ironically, reverse engineering of an alien ship is exactly the explanation that 7 Days used for how the ship on the show was built!

Norman Lloyd (Isaac on 7 Days) has a very impressive list of acting credits! He was a very busy stage actor in the 1930's! In 1938, he was an original cast member on Orson Welles' renowned radio program, "Mercury Theatre". After appearing in two Alfred Hitchcock movies, "Saboteur (1942)" and Spellbound (1945)", Mr. Hitchcock made him an associate producer and director on the series, "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". He was eventually promoted up to executive producer of that series! In the 1980s, he had a starring role on the series, "St. Elsewhere".

Frank Parker's ship that took him back in time was called the "Backstep Sphere" and "The Chronosphere".

If you never saw the 7 Days TV show, you would probably still recognize Don Franklin from his roles as "Commander Jonathan Ford" on the series, "SeaQuest DSV" or as "Noah Dixon" on "The Young Riders".

The reason that the ship couldn't go back farther than 7 Days was supposedly that the fuel used was very limited in supply and the ships reactor was only that powerful. That's also the main reason why the Chronosphere was only authorized for time travel to avoid a national or worldwide disaster of mega proportions. Of course, the real reason was that its cheaper to make a time travel series if you don't have to use clothing, automobiles, and props from a different era.

7 Days Opening Narrative

(First Season with Alan Scarfe as Dr. Bradley Talmadge and Justina Vail as Dr. Olga Vukavitch)

(Alan Scarfe's Voice:) You are about to be let in on the most highly classified data America holds.
(Justina Vail's Voice:) We have a device that can allow us to send one human being back in time...7 days.
(Alan Scarfe's Voice:) We're going to undo that event.
(Unknown Female's Voice:) Let's do it again.


(Second & Third Seasons with Jonathan LaPaglia as Frank Parker)

"Ever wish you could live your last week all over again. My name is Frank B. Parker and I do it all the time. I work for a secret government project experimenting with time travel. When things really get screwed up, I'm the guinea pig they send back to take care of it. Fact is, they can only go back 7 days."

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