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The 30 Rock TV series was a 30 minute comedy series that premiered on NBC on October 11, 2006 and aired for 138 episodes over seven seasons! The show gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a late night live comedy show. The backstage antics were often much more comical than those seen on the show! It's not surprising that several of the actors on this series had a connection to Saturday Night Live including former SNL Cast Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan, and Tina Fey. There was also Alec Baldwin who has hosted SNL many times.

30 Rock Cast

Tina Fey .... Liz Lemon (139 episodes)
Alec Baldwin .... Jack Donaghy (139 episodes)
Tracy Morgan .... Tracy Jordan (139 episodes)
Jane Krakowski .... Jenna Maroney (139 episodes)
Jack McBrayer .... Kenneth Parcell (139 episodes)
Scott Adsit .... Pete Hornberger (139 episodes)
Judah Friedlander .... Frank Rossitano (139 episodes)
Keith Powell .... Toofer (131 episodes)
Katrina Bowden .... Cerie (100 episodes)
Kevin Brown .... Dot Com (86 episodes)
Grizz Chapman .... Grizz (82 episodes)
John Lutz .... J.D. Lutz (78 episodes)
Maulik Pancholy .... Jonathan (64 episodes)

30 Rock Trivia

On May 15, 2010, Alec Baldwin tied Steve Martin's record for the most times hosting Saturday Night Live. As of that date they had each hosted the show fifteen times!

Tina Fey's husband, Jeff Richmond, is the piano player on 30 Rock. He is also the show's producer and writes every bit of the music!

The show's title comes from the fact that NBC Universal's headquarters are located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

30 Rock received 10 Emmy nominations in 2007. That's pretty great! Then the series set a record for a comedy series in 2008 by getting 17 nominations! Apparently not satisfied, in 2009, it got 22 nominations! Wow! 30 Rock won 14 out of those 49 nominations too!

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