2 Point 4 Children

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2 Point 4 Children Cast

Series Description

The 2 Point 4 Children TV show was a 30 minute British comedy series on the BBC about a mom, dad, and kids who get into lots of crazy and comical situations!

2 Point 4 Children Cast

Belinda Lang .... Bill Porter
Gary Olsen .... Ben Porter
Julia Hills .... Rona
John Pickard .... David Porter
Kim Benson .... Christine (1992-1999)
Georgina Cates .... Jenny Porter (1991-1992)
Clare Buckfield .... Jenny Porter (1993-1999)
Barbara Lott .... Auntie Pearl
Sandra Dickinson .... Aunt Tina
Liz Smith .... Bette / Aunt Belle
Annette Kerr .... Dora Grimes (1993-)
Tom Roberts .... Tony (1993-1995)
Leonard O'Malley .... Gerry (1991)
Ray Polhill .... The Biker (1991)
Alex Kew .... Declan (1999)

2 Point 4 Children Trivia

Unlike many British comedies, none of the main characters on the 2 Point 4 Children TV show were bumbling idiots. They were a pretty much normal family.

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