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240 Robert was a 60 minute action/adventure series on ABC about the men and women of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department's Emergency Service Detail. Using high-tech equipment including a customized 4 wheel drive vehicle, motorcycles, boats, and a helicopter they rescued citizens in trouble throughout the LA metropolitan area.

240 Robert Cast

John Bennett Perry .... Deputy Theodore Roosevelt Applegate
Mark Harmon .... Deputy Dwayne Thibideaux (1979)
Joanna Cassidy .... Deputy Morgan Wainwright (1979)
Steve Tannen .... Kestenbaum
Lew Saunders .... Deputy C.B. (1979)
Joe Nicassio .... Deputy Roverino (1979)
Thomas Babson .... Terry (1979)
Pamela Hensley .... Deputy Sandy Harper (1981)
Brant Von Hoffman .... Deputy Bottendott (1981)
Stephan Burns .... Deputy Brett Cueva (1981)

240 Robert Trivia:

After 240 Robert was canceled in 1979, it was re-broadcast in repeats. Those episodes drew a pretty decent audience so new episodes returned to ABC's lineup in March of 1981. At that time, they once again did not get the audience that ABC had hoped for so the series ended after just three more episodes.

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