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The 24 TV show is a 60 minute drama thriller series on the FOX Network where the plot unfolds in real time. Each week's one hour episode covers one hour in the lives of the characters. The storyline changes from season-to-season but always centers around CIA operative Jack Bauer and others working in the field to prevent some terrifying event from occuring. Jack and his team also have an entire crew of agents back at their base to aid them in their quests. Season one centered preventing a plot to assasinate the President of the United States. In season two, terrorists threaten to explode a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. Season 3: A drug cartel demands the release of their leader or they will release a deadly virus. Season 4: Jack, along with most of his fellow CTU agents, has been fired. Jack vows to his girlfriend that he has given up the life he led before which required him to do evil things to protect his friends, family, and country. He is now working for his girlfriend's father, the U.S. Secretary of Defense. When the Secretary is kidnapped by terrorists, Jack must decide whether or not he should keep his promise or do whatever's necessary to save his boss! Season 5: Most of the world now believes that Jack is dead. He's really living near Los Angeles with a woman and her teenage son. Jack's family life with a good-paying job on an oil rig is a good and peaceful one. But how can he remain in bliss when he hears that many of those he used to work with at CTU are being attacked and/or killed? Season 6: For nearly 3 months the United States has experienced a number of bombings and Muslim extremist terrorists are believed to be behing them.

24 Cast

Keifer Sutherland .... Jack Bauer
Leslie Hope .... Terri Bauer
Dennis Haysbert .... Senator/President David Palmer
Elisha Cuthbert .... Kimberly Bauer
Sarah Clarke .... Nina Myers
Carlos Bernard .... Tony Almeida
Penny Johnson Jerald .... Sherry Palmer
Sarah Wynter .... Kate Warner
Xander Berkeley .... George Mason
Mia Kirshner .... Mandy

24 FOX Trivia

In the very first episode of the 24 TV show, there was originally a 747 aircraft shown to be exploding. The good folks at FOX decided to remove that due to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City. Other script changes were made as well in order to be sensitive to the mood of the nation at that time. In order to keep that professional government agent/political look and avoid having the cast look different between scenes which may not have been filmed on the same day, all members of the 24 cast are required to have their hair trimmed every five days!

The sets for Air Force One that were used during the second season were also used in the 1996 film, "Air Force One" and on the TV series, "The West Wing".

Each episode of the 24 TV show only shows 54 minutes of "real-time" action. The 24 clock continues to tick away both during commercials and the closing commercials, scenes of next week's episode, station identification, etc. That uses up a total of 6 minutes of "real-time".

The 24 episodes are filmed over a 15-day-straight session. Two episodes are filmed simultaneously during that period. Producing an entire season takes 10 1/2 months including pre and post-production!

In order to maintain that "You're there ... this is real!" feeling you get when watching 24 on FOX, most shots are filmed from eye level so that the audience sees the exact angle that they would if they were "in" the episode.

There were three different endings shot 24's season one finale. In one, Nina does not shoot Teri. In another, Nina shoots Teri but she doesn't die. A third showed Nina shoot and kill Teri. We won't identify which one aired so we don't spoil it for those who haven't seen it.

A writers' strike made it impossible for FOX to broadcast the seventh season of the 24 TV Show in January of 2008. It would have been nearly 20 months from the end of season six until the start of season seven so FOX aired a 2 hour special on November 23, 2008 titled, "24: Redemption". It basically was meant to fill in a few gaps in the storyline and bring fans back into a mood for more 24!

It's unlikely that 24 will be going anywhere soon! During the fifth season, Kiefer Sutherland signed a contract to do a sixth, seventh, and eighth season!

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