227 Cast

Series Description

The 227 TV show was a 30 minute African-American comedy series on NBC. Each week, Mary Jenkins and Rose Holloway would sit on the steps of their Washington D.C. apartment building and chit chat. Their conversation would set the tone for that week's storyline. The street number of the building was 227.

227 Cast

Marla Gibbs .... Mary Jenkins
Alaina Reed Hall .... Rose Lee Holloway
Hal Williams .... Lester Jenkins
Curtis Baldwin .... Calvin Dobbs
Regina King .... Brenda Jenkins
Helen Martin .... Pearl Shay
Jackee Harry .... Sandra Clark (1985-1989)
Kia Goodwin .... Tiffany Halloway (1985-1987)
Countess Vaughn .... Alexandria DeWitt (1988-1989)
Toukie Smith .... Eva Rawley (1989-1990)
Kevin Peter Hall .... Warren Merriwether (1989-1990)
Stoney Jackson .... Travis Filmore (1989-1990)
Paul Winfield .... Julian c. Barlow (1989-1990)
Barry Sobel .... Dylan McMillian (1989-1990)


The series began as a play titled, "227" at Marla Gibb's "Crossroads Theatre and Arts Academy" and then was adapted to the TV show. Sandra Clark (played by Jackee Harry) was not originally meant to be a regular cast member on 227. Audience testing showed such a positive response to Jackee's performance that the producers "promoted" her!

Countess Vaughn was cast as Alexandria DeWitt after the 227 TV show Producers saw her on "Star Search" where she said that it was her dream to appear on 227!

Jackee Harry's role as Sandra Clark was originally only intended to be a guest-starring role, but Jackee was made a regular cast member when her role tested extremely well with audiences!

227 Theme Song

Title: "There's No Place Like Home"

By: "Ray Colcord" and "Marla Gibbs"

There's no place like home.
With your family around you you're never alone.
When ya know that your loved,
You don't need to roam,
Cause there's no place like home

Time's are changing everyday.
We won't get by with the same old ways.
No-oooo pulling together will make it right.
With help from are friends I know we can right,
Cause there's no place like home.

With your family around you you're never alone.
When you know that your loved,
You don't need to roam.
Cause there ain't no place like,
Better believe it,
I said their no place like home.

"I mean no place child".

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