18 Wheels Of Justice

18 Wheels of Justice Cast

Series Description

The 18 Wheels Of Justice TV show was a 60 minute action series on The Nashville Network (now Spike TV) about an agent for the U.S. Department of Justice named Michael Cates who brought a crime kingpin to justice for the murder of his mistress. This didn't exactly please the crime boss so he took out a contract on Cates. The guys hired to kill him botched the job though and instead killed Cates' wife and daughter! In order to protect Cates from the hit men who had not given up on killing him, Cates was assigned to duty as an undercover truck driver under the name of Chance Bowman and he helped people along the way while evading the hit men who were on his trail!

18 Wheels Of Justice Cast

Lucky Vanous .... Michael Cates / Chance Bowman
Lisa Thornhill .... Cie Baxter
G. Gordon Liddy .... Jacob Calder
Billy Dee Williams .... Burton Hardesty

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