1600 Penn

1600 Penn Cast

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1600 Penn is a 30 minute comedy series on NBC that follows the lives of the President of the United States and his family. The President lost his wife a decade earlier so in addition to running the nation, he also has to raise his four children with a new wife who is terrific at helping him in his political career but has trouble relating to her step-children. Fortunately his eldest daughter has taken on many of the motherly duties but his oldest son is a real handful, almost like a character out of "Animal House". It's an interesting look at the relationships of an atypical first family behind the scenes dealing with their conflicts, problems, joys and woes.

1600 Penn Cast

Bill Pullman .... Dale Gilchrist
Jenna Elfman .... Emily Nash Gilchrist
Amara Miller .... Marigold Gilchrist
Josh Gad .... Skip Gilchrist
Martha MacIsaac .... Becca Gilchrist
Benjamin Stockham .... Xander Gilchrist
Andre Holland .... Marshall Malloy

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