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The $#*! My Dad Says TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about an often wicked old man who had an opinion about everything and those opinions were typically ridiculously politically incorrect. To make matters worse, he offered his opinions often and whether the recipient asked for it or not! His son Henry was forced to move in with his father due to financial difficulties providing dad with someone to verbally abuse without even having to leave the house!

$#*! My Dad Says Cast

William Shatner .... Ed Goodson
Jonathan Sadowski .... Henry Goodson
Nicole Sullivan .... Kathleen
Will Sasso .... Vince Goodson
Holly Marie Combs .... Claire
Stephanie Lemelin .... Sam
Zibby Allen .... Tiff
Ryan Devlin .... Henry (Pilot Only)

$#*! My Dad Says Trivia

$#*! My Dad Says is based on a Twitter feed by Justin Halpern of quotes by his father Sam Halpern and the best-selling book it inspired. In November of 2009, the CBS network stated that they would develop a TV pilot that would be produced by Warner Bros. Television. When William Shatner agreed to star in the series the following February. Casting for the other roles was quickly completed and CBS wasted no time in ordering the production of the pilot to go ahead. By May the pilot had passed scrutiny and CBS put the series on its Fall 2010 schedule. Most William Shatner fans are well aware of his starring roles on "Boston Legal", "T.J. Hooker" and "Star Trek" but he also starred on three lesser known series: "Tekwar", "Barbary Coast" and his second acting role as Ranger Bob on "The Howdy Doody Show"!

Ed Goodson's sons provide him with a never-ending list of things he can criticize. Henry is a failed writer turned blogger who can't support himself in his chosen profession and Vince is a weak-willed individual who let's his wife rule his life. Ed sees himself as a "Man's Man" who is self-sufficient and in total control of his affairs so he doesn't have a lot of respect for either son.

As one would expect, the title of the series has riled up a lot of controversy. To make matters worse, the Twitter feed that the series is based on is full of foul language. CBS has emphasized that the expletives will not be used on $#*! My Dad Says but the opposition continues to be concerned. CBS points out that they changed the first word of the title to comply with FCC regulations against profanity on prime time television. The critics say that the minor spelling change isn't fooling anyone. The Parents Television Council has threatened CBS with broadcast license challenges if the show airs prior to 10PM. CBS basically responded that they won't be doing anything illegal and that parents can use the VChip to block the show to keep children from seeing it. William Shatner said, "The word (expletive removed) is around us. It isn't a terrible term. It's a natural function. Why are we pussyfooting"?

Jonathan Sadowski (Henry Goodson) was still supplementing his income by bartending in Los Angeles when he was also appearing on six episodes of "American Dreams". When a drunk gave him a hard time about being a "wanna be" actor, he told the guy to look at the TV in the bar and pointed out the fact that he was on the screen!

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