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Yes Minister TV Series

Yes Minister Cast

Series Description

Yes Minister was a 30 minute British comedy series on BBC2 about a Minister for Administrative Affairs who wanted to eliminate wasteful spending in government by his every effort is foiled by a coniving permanent secretary of the department.

Yes Minister Cast

Paul Eddington .............. James Hacker
Nigel Hawthorne ............. Sir Humphrey Appleby
John Nettleton .............. Sir Arnold Robinson
Derek Fowlds ................ Bernard Woolley
Diana Hoddinott ............. Annie Hacker

Episodes List With Original Air Dates


Yes Minister - The First Season

  1. Open Government (2/25/1980)
  2. The Official Visit (3/3/1980)
  3. The Economy Drive (3/10/1980)
  4. Big Brother (3/17/1980)
  5. The Writing on the Wall (3/24/1980)
  6. The Right to Know (3/31/1980)
  7. Jobs for the Boys (4/7/1980)

Yes Minister - The Second Season

  1. The Compassionate Society (2/23/1981)
  2. Doing the Honours (3/2/1981)
  3. The Death List (3/9/1981)
  4. The Greasy Pole (3/16/1981)
  5. The Devil You Know (3/23/1981)
  6. The Quality of Life (3/30/1981)
  7. A Question of Loyalty (4/6/1981)

Yes Minister - The Third Season

  1. Equal Opportunities (11/11/1982)
  2. The Challenge (11/18/1982)
  3. The Skeleton in the Closet (11/25/1982)
  4. The Moral Dimension (12/2/1982)
  5. The Bed Of Nails (12/9/1982)
  6. The Whiskey Priest (12/16/1982)
  7. The Middle Class Rip Off (12/23/1982)

Yes Minister - Specials

Short Episode (1/4/1984)
Party Games (12/17/1984)

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