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Wildboyz TV Show

Wildboyz Cast

Series Description

Wildboyz was a 30 minute comedy series on MTV about two guys who visited countries all over the world and put themselves in danger by performing stunts involving animals. They also taught the audience about the animals taking part in the stunts and about the culture of the area.

Wildboyz Cast

Chris Pontius

Wildboyz Trivia


This series was broadcast on MTV for its first two seasons and then on MTV2 for its final two seasons.

Wildboyz is a "spinoff" of another MTV series titled, "Jackass".

Besides the Jackass and Wildboyz TV shows, Steve-O and Chris also appeared in "Jackass: The Movie", "Jackass Number Two" and "Jackass 3D".

Wildboyz was still relatively popular when it ended. The reason for cancelling the series was that both Steve and Chris felt that what they were doing was just too dangerous after animal handler Steve Irwin (AKA: "The Crocodile Hunter") was killed when a sting ray barb pierced his chest on September 4, 2006.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Wildboyz - The First Season

  1. South Africa (10/26/2003)
  2. Alaska (11/2/2003)
  3. Florida (11/9/2003)
  4. Australia (11/16/2003)
  5. South Africa (11/23/2003)
  6. Alaska (11/30/2003)
  7. New Zealand (12/7/2003)
  8. Belize (12/14/2003)

Wildboyz - The Second Season

  1. India (4/25/2004)
  2. Brazil (5/2/2004)
  3. Kenya (5/9/2004)
  4. Costa Rica (5/16/2004)
  5. Australia (5/23/2004)
  6. Florida (5/30/2004)
  7. East Africa (6/6/2004)
  8. Indonesia (6/13/2004)

Wildboyz - The Third Season

  1. Louisiana (3/11/2005)
  2. India (3/18/2005)
  3. Indonesia (3/25/2005)
  4. Brazil (4/1/2005)
  5. Kenya (4/8/2005)
  6. India (4/15/2005)
  7. Deep South (4/22/2005)
  8. Mexico (4/29/2005)

Wildboyz - The Fourth Season

  1. Argentina (1/6/2006)
  2. Thailand (1/13/2006)
  3. Russia (1/20/2006)
  4. California (1/27/2006)
  5. Mexico (2/3/2006)
  6. Argentina (2/10/2006)
  7. Thailand (2/17/2006)
  8. Russia (2/24/2006)

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