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What About Joan

What About Joan Cast

Series Description

The What About Joan TV show was a 30 minute situation comedy series on ABC about a group of high school teachers in Chicago, Illinois and their relationships, both personal and professional.

What About Joan Cast

Joan Cusack ......................... Joan Gallagher
Donna Murphy ........................ Ruby Stern
Kyle Chandler ....................... Jake Evans
Wallace Langham ..................... Mark Ludlow
Jessica Hecht ....................... Betsy Morgan
Kellie Shanygne Williams ............ Alice Adams

What About Joan Trivia


The What About Joan TV show was the first series to be shot totally outside of New York city and Los Angeles. All episodes were done in Chicago. Joan Cusack insisted on that so that she could be near her family who lived in Chicago.

Actor John Cusack is Joan Cusack's real-life brother. They also once appeared on screen as brother and sister in the 1989 film, "Say Anything".

In episode #6, "Joan's Sister Visits", Joan's sister is played by her real-life sister, "Ann Cusack"!

Gwen Macsai (series creator and writer) attended the same High School as Joan Cusack (although Gwen was 2 years ahead of Joan).

Joan Cusack has received two Oscar nominations. One for "Working Girl (1989)" and another for "In & Out (1998)".

Wallace Langham's mother was a costume designer on the "Donny and Marie Show" when Wallace was a child.

The What About Joan TV show was canceled on October 11, 2001 on Joan Cusack's birthday. Wasn't that thoughtful!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (3/27/2001)
  2. Sex Talk (4/3/2001)
  3. The Proposal (4/10/2001)
  4. Joan Meets The Parents (4/17/2001)
  5. Free Speech (4/24/2001)
  6. Joan's Sister Visits (5/1/2001)
  7. Maeve (5/8/2001)
  8. Ruby Doobie Doo (5/15/2001)
  9. Betsy's Wedding (5/22/2001)

What About Joan - The Second Season

  1. My Dinner With Jake (10/2/2001)
  2. Quiet Time (10/9/2001)
Note: The What About Joan TV show was abruptly canceled on 10/11/2001. Ten more episodes had been produced but did not air. Their titles were as follows:

Testing, Testing
No Bar Is An Island
Quid Pro Quo
Joan Sets Up Alice
The Curse Of The Sweater
Mr. Roboto
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Joan
Green Bay
You Can't Go Home Again
Jack's Dilemma

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