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Westside Medical


Westside Medical was a 60 minute drama series on ABC.

Westside Medical Cast


James Sloyan ................ Doctor Sam Lanagan
Ernest Thompson ............. Doctor Philip Parker
Linda Carlson ............... Doctor Janet Cottrell
Alice Nunn .................. Carrie

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Westside Medical - The First And Only Season

  1. Sound Of Sunlight (3/15/1977)
  2. Witch Of Four West (3/24/1977)
  3. Red Blanket For A City (/31/1977)
  4. King Solomon's Kid (4/7/1977)
  5. Intensive Care (4/14/1977)
  6. Risks (6/30/1977)
  7. Mermaid (7/7/1977)
  8. Devil & the Deep Blue Sea (7/14/1977)
  9. My Physician, My Friend - Part 1 (8/11/1977)
  10. My Physician, My Friend - Part 2 (8/18/1977)
  11. Pressure Cook (8/25/1977)
  12. Tears For A Two Dollar Wine (Not Originally Aired)
  13. Sticks And Stones (Not Originally Aired)

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