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Watching Ellie

Watching Ellie Cast

Series Description

Watching Ellie was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about the busy life of a woman who wrote tunes and did voice-over during the day and was a singer by night. It started with a countdown clock in the corner of the screen to show the elapsed time like on the 24 TV Show, but they dropped that for the second season.

Watching Ellie Cast

Julia Louis-Dreyfus ......... Eleanor "Ellie" Riggs
Don Lake .................... Dr. Don Zimmerman
Lauren Bowles ............... Susan
Steve Carell ................ Edgar Price
Darren Boyd ................. Ben
Peter Stormare .............. Ingvar (Season 1)

Watching Ellie Trivia


Three additional episodes of Watching Ellie were produced and originally scheduled to be broadcast at the end of the first season. Even though there was a second season, they never aired then either! Their titles were "Dream", "Junk", and "Drive".

To some degree, Watching Ellie was a family effort. Julia Louis-Dreyfus' real-life husband, "Brad Hall" was the creator of the series and Julia's real-life, half sister (they share the same mother), "Lauren Bowles" played her sister, "Susan" on the series!

When NBC censors said no to a scened on Watching Ellie where a man runs around his house in the nude, Julia Louis-Dreyfus fought to keep the scene in and she won!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Watching Ellie - The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (2/26/2002)
  2. Wedding (3/5/2002)
  3. Dinner Party (3/12/2002)
  4. Aftershocks (3/19/2002)
  5. Cheetos (3/26/2002)
  6. Tango (4/2/2002)
  7. Gift (4/2/2002)
  8. Medicated (4/9/2002)
  9. Weekend (4/16/2002)
  10. Zimmerman (4/23/2002)

Watching Ellie - The Second Season

  1. Shrink (4/15/2003)
  2. TV (4/22/2003)
  3. Date (4/29/2003)
  4. Buskers (5/6/2003)
  5. Fruit Shots (5/13/2003)
  6. Feud (5/20/2003)

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