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Wanda at Large

Wanda at Large Cast

Series Description

Wanda at Large was a 30 minute comedy series on the FOX Network about a women who was a struggling standup comedienne who found unlikely success on a political talk show. Her sassy, no-nonsense approach annoyed her fellow "on-air" personalities but it was exactly what her boss wanted. He felt that the show needed some conflict and Wanda sure did her best to provide it!

Wanda at Large Cast

Wanda Sykes ............... Wanda Hawkins
Robert Bailey Jr. ......... Barris Hawkins
Jurnee Smollett ........... Holly Hawkins
Dale Godboldo ............. Keith
Phil Morris ............... Bradley
Tammy Lauren .............. Jenny
Ann Magnuson .............. Rita (Season 1)
Jason Kravits ............. Roger (Season 1)
Mark McKinney ............. Max (Season 2)

Wanda at Large Trivia


There were five episodes of Wanda at Large that were produced but did not originally air after Wanda at Large was canceled. Their titles were: "Did Wanda Say a Four Letter Word?", "Twas the Knife Before Christmas", "The Un-Natural", "Only Built for Cuban Wandas", and "The Plane Trip".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Wanda at Large - The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (3/26/2003)
  2. King Rat (4/2/2003)
  3. Wanda & Bradley (4/9/2003)
  4. Wanda's Party (4/16/2003)
  5. Death of a Councilman (4/23/2003)
  6. Alma Mater (4/30/2003)

Wanda at Large - The Second Season

  1. The Favor (9/19/2003)
  2. Where's Roger? (9/26/2003)
  3. Bradley Has a Friend (10/3/2003)
  4. Leave Your Daughter at Home Day (10/17/2003)
  5. They Shoot Reporters, Don't They? (10/31/2003)
  6. Hurricane Hawkins (10/31/2003)
  7. Clowns to the Left of Me (11/7/2003)
  8. Back to the Club (11/7/2003)

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