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Vegas TV Show

Vegas Cast

Series Description


The Vegas TV show is a 60 minute drama series on CBS not to be confused with the 1978 series, "Vega$" or the 2003 series, "Las Vegas". This show is based on the real-life of Ralph Lamb, a cowboy who became Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada. He tries to bring justice to 1960s Las Vegas despite the desires of a mobster from Chicago who feels that he should rule the city.

Vegas Cast

Dennis Quaid ..................... Sheriff Ralph Lamb
Michael Chiklis .................. Vincent Savino
Carrie-Anne Moss ................. Assistant DA Katherine O'Connell
Jason O'Mara ..................... Deputy Jack Lamb
Taylor Handley ................... Dixon Lamb

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Vegas TV Show - Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/25/2012)
  2. Money Plays (10/2/2012)
  3. All That Glitters (10/9/2012)
  4. (il)Legitimate (10/23/2012)
  5. Solid Citizens (10/30/2012)
  6. The Real Thing (11/13/2012)
  7. Bad Seeds (11/20/2012)
  8. Exposure (11/27/2012)
  9. Masquerade (12/11/2012)
  10. Estinto (12/18/2012)
  11. Paiutes (1/8/2013)
  12. From This Day Forward (1/15/2013)
  13. Road Trip (1/29/2013)
  14. The Third Man (2/5/2013)
  15. Two of a Kind (2/19/2013)
  16. Little Fish (4/5/2013)
  17. Hollywood Ending (4/12/2013)
  18. Scoundrels (4/19/2013)
  19. Past Lives (4/26/2013)
  20. Unfinished Business (5/3/2013)
  21. Sons of Nevada (5/10/2013)

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