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Unforgettable TV Show

Unforgettable Cast
Series Description

Unforgettable is a 60 minute detective drama series that premiered on September 20, 2011 on CBS. It's about a female NYPD Detective named Carrie Wells who has the uncanny ability to remember almost every detail of every day of her life. This is a real asset in her job as she can go back in her mind to every moment in her investigation of a crime and discover information that she didn't notice in the first place. It's not such an asset in her personal life however. Sometime things happen that are better forgotten and the people in Carrie's lives don't necessarily appreciate her powers and some people even fear them. The only thing Carrie can't remember is the day that her sister was murdered.

Unforgettable Cast

Poppy Montgomery ............ Carrie Wells
Dylan Walsh ................. Detective Al Burns
Michael Gaston .............. Mike Costello
Kevin Rankin ................ Roe Saunders
Daya Vaidya ................. Nina Inara

Unforgettable Trivia

Carrie's unusual ability is called, "superior autobiographical memory". It's not something created by fiction writers. It's a real ability that exists in just a few people worldwide. It is easily tested and therefore well documented unlike many other abilities that people claim to have such as "ESP". The CBS news program "60 Minutes" did a story about it in December of 2010. Actress Marilu Henner ("Taxi") has the ability and said until that interview she rarely spoke of it and, in fact, hid it from others so they wouldn't think she was some kind of freak. Scientists are eager to study the ability as the implications for the rest of us are huge. Imagine improving your memory or other brain functions to such a great degree!

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