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Troubleshooters Cast

Series Description

Troubleshooters was an adventure drama series about a construction crew that specialized in dangerous and difficult projects.

Troubleshooters Cast


Keenan Wynn .............. Kodiak
Bob Mathias .............. Frank Dugan
Robert Portier ........... Scotty
Chet Allen ............... Slats
Carey Loftin ............. Skinner
Bob Harris ............... Jim

Troubleshooters Trivia

Keenan Wynn was a huge star with a wide range. He played roles in dramas, action series and comedies. His father was Ed Wynn who was one of the first comics to have his own television show ("Ed Wynn Show"). His grandfather was Frank Keenan who was a Shakespearean actor and starred in his first (silent) film in 1909!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Troubleshooters - The First And Only Season

  1. Liquid Death (9/11/1959)
  2. Law And The Profits (9/18/1959)
  3. Widow Of Elbow Bend (9/25/1959)
  4. Lower Depths (10/2/1959)
  5. Tiger Culhane (10/9/1959)
  6. Moment Of Terror (10/16/1959)
  7. Gino (10/23/1959)
  8. Pipeline (11/6/1959)
  9. Trapped (11/13/1959)
  10. Downrange (11/20/1959)
  11. Big Squeeze (11/27/1959)
  12. Tunnel To Yesterday (12/4/1959)
  13. Chain (12/11/1959)
  14. Trouble At The Orphanage (12/25/1959)
  15. Mountain That Moved (1/1/1960)
  16. High Steel (1/15/1960)
  17. Harry Maur (1/22/1960)
  18. Big Blaze (1/29/1960)
  19. Headhunter Road (2/12/1960)
  20. Town That Wouldn't Die (2/19/1960)
  21. Incident At Rain Mountain (2/26/1960)
  22. Seniorita (3/4/1960)
  23. Landmark (3/11/1960)
  24. No Stone Unturned (3/18/1960)
  25. Fire In The Hole (3/25/1960)
  26. Cat-Skinner (4/1/1960)

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