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Total Recall 2070

Total Recall 2070 Cast
Series Description

Total Recall 2070 was a 60 minute sci-fi series that starred Michael Easton as a Cop and Karl Pruner who played his Android partner. The Android greatly desired human emotions so he could better understand them. His human partner, however, was a very "hard" person and atypical emotionally. Therefore, he was constantly confusing to the Android. They still managed to work together as a team, however, and catch the bad guys.

Total Recall 2070 Cast

Michael Easton ............ David Hume
Karl Pruner ............... Ian Farve
Michael Rawlins ........... Martin Ehrenthal
Cynthia Preston ........... Olivia Hume
Damon D'Oliveira .......... Detective Moralez
Judith Krant .............. Olan Chang
Matthew Bennett ........... James Calley

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Total Recall 2070 - The First And Only Season

  1. Machine Dreams - Part 1 (3/7/1999)
  2. Machine Dreams - Part 2 (3/7/1999)
  3. Self-Inflicted (3/19/1999)
  4. Allure (3/26/1999)
  5. Nothing Like The Real Thing (4/2/1999)
  6. Infiltration (4/9/1999)
  7. Rough Whimper Of Insanity (4/16/1999)
  8. First Wave (4/23/1999)
  9. Baby Lottery (4/30/1999)
  10. Brain Fever (5/7/1999)
  11. Begotten Not Made (5/21/1999)
  12. Burning Desire (5/28/1999)
  13. Brightness Falls (6/4/1999)
  14. Astral Projections (6/11/1999)
  15. Paranoid (6/18/1999)
  16. Restitution (6/25/1999)
  17. Bones Beneath My Skin (7/2/1999)
  18. Assessment (7/9/1999)
  19. Eyewitness (7/16/1999)
  20. Personal Effects (7/23/1999)
  21. Virtual Justice (7/30/1999)
  22. Meet My Maker (8/6/1999)

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