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Time Trax

Time Trax Cast
Series Description

The Time Trax TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series that aired in syndication about a time cop who chases chases criminals who have fled from his time in our future to our time. He was aided by a credit card that holds a holographic partner with a huge amount of information he can use to find them.

Time Trax Cast

Dale Midkiff .............. Darien Lambert
Elizabeth Alexander ....... Selma
Peter Donat ............... Mordecai "Mo" Sahmbi

Time Trax Opening Narrative

Season 1:

Narrator: "It began in the future. A scientist turning to evil, a time machine called TRAX, beings who vanish and a lawman with a mission. He has one weapon and a computer named Selma."

SELMA: "Good Morning Captain Lambert."

Narrator: "With them he will travel to a time more innocent than his own. Now he is among us. A special breed of man, a hunter, traveling through our world searching for fugitives from his own, knowing he can not go home until he has found them all. His name is Darian Lambert and this is his story."

Season 2:

Narrator: "It began in the future. A time machine called TRAX, criminals who vanish, and a lawman who must pursue into the past. Now he is among us, a special breed of man. He has one weapon and a computer called Selma. With her, he will travel through our world, searching for fugitives from his own, knowing he cannot go home until he has found them all. His name is Darien Lambert and this is his story."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. A Stranger In Time (1/20/1993)
  2. To Kill A Billionaire (2/3/1993)
  3. Fire And Ice (2/10/1993)
  4. Showdown (2/17/1993)
  5. The Prodigy (2/24/1993)
  6. Death Takes A Holiday (3/3/1993)
  7. The Contender (3/10/1993)
  8. Night Of The Savage (3/17/1993)
  9. Treasure Of The Ages (3/31/1993)
  10. The Price Of Honor (4/7/1993)
  11. Face Of Death (4/14/1993)
  12. Revenge (5/5/1993)
  13. Darien Comes Home (5/12/1993)
  14. Two Beans In A Wheel (5/19/1993)
  15. Little Boy Lost (5/26/1993)
  16. The Mysterious Stranger (10/27/1993)
  17. Framed (11/3/1993)
  18. Beautiful Songbird (11/10/1993)
  19. Photo Finish (11/17/1993)
  20. Darrow For The Defense (11/24/1993)
  21. One On One (12/1/1993)

Season 2

  1. Return Of The Yakuza (1/29/1994)
  2. Missing (2/5/1994)
  3. To Live And Die In Docker Flats (2/12/1994)
  4. A Close Encounter (2/19/1994)
  5. The Gravity Of It All (2/26/1994)
  6. Happy Valley (3/5/1994)
  7. Lethal Weapons (3/12/1994)
  8. The Cure (3/19/1994)
  9. Perfect Pair (4/23/1994)
  10. Catch Me If You Can (4/30/1994)
  11. The Dream Team (5/7/1994)
  12. Almost Human (5/14/1994)
  13. Mother (5/21/1994)
  14. The Last M.I.A. (5/28/1994)
  15. Split Image (10/15/1994)
  16. Cool Hand Darien (10/22/1994)
  17. The Lottery (10/29/1994)
  18. Out For Blood (11/5/1994)
  19. The Scarlet Koala (11/12/1994)
  20. Optic Nerve (11/19/1994)
  21. The Crash (11/26/1994)
  22. Forgotten Tomorrows (12/3/1994)

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